Why e.serv?

We are an unusual group of people, providing an unusual level of IT staffing services, and expertise!


  • We have a successful reputation serving the most admired organizations in the country for the past twenty-one years
  • Our systems and processes, which have been perfected during our twenty plus years in the IT staffing industry, will help us help you recruit the most qualified IT experts, without wasting your time
  • We reduce your cost-per-hire
  • Our service guarantees minimize your risk of hiring our candidates
  • We have a team of subject-matter experts who have been on our staff for as long as 19 years
  • Our Consultants, who are employees of e.serv, are provided a generous compensation package, including salary, group health care, 401(k) plan, PTO, FSA, life, vision, dental & disability insurance, which helps us hire and retain the best people in the industry. And equally important, this helps our clients maintain continuity of their projects, and reduce costs