Mission Statement

Our Mission is to unite best-in-class IT experts with world-class organizations, and better the lives of everyone that are part of our close-knit “community”

We accomplish this Mission by:

  • Listening carefully to the needs of our clients, team members and candidates
  • We always put the needs and wants of others ahead of our own
  • Understand that for us to be successful, we must help others be successful first
  • We will never sacrifice our guiding principals’, which are founded on treating people with the utmost respect, with complete transparency, honesty and integrity!

Message from our Owner – Rob Warren

Thank you for visiting, and it is a pleasure to meet you, “virtually”.

While you’re here, I’d like to give you some history about e.serv, and our philosophy of doing business, to help you determine if we’re a good partner for you.

I started e.serv in 1999 out of the basement of our house in the Western suburbs of Chicago. Our practice at the time was providing direct full time staffing services to organizations who ran the Unisys mainframe. Primarily, the Unisys platform is used in industries where bulletproof reliability and large scale, on-line processing power is critical, i.e. airlines, financial institutions, manufacturing/distribution, utility companies, insurance companies and federal/state agencies. Within our first year, our customers were all over the country; California, Atlanta, Miami, North Carolina, Iowa, New York and Chicago, and several other cities throughout the nation. Then 911 happened. Overnight, organizations stopped hiring full time IT staff. To make matters worse, most of our clients were in the entertainment, financial, cruise and airline sectors. None, or very few of our core clients in these sectors were hiring full time IT personnel, but several started requesting services for IT Contractor’s to help them with their critical project back-logs, until they could get budget approval for full time staff members, once the economy rebounded.

Running a IT Contract staffing firm was not on my radar at all, and quite frankly scared the crap out of me. But the choice was clear, support our customers’ needs by providing IT Contractors, or go out of business. Operating a Contract staffing firm requires a whole different level of internal infrastructure and processes than running a Direct-Hire firm. Systems had to be put in place for managing payroll, insurance, HR functions, workers comp., onboarding, etc., but the scariest part was the cash management function; because you are paying your contracting staff, well in advance before receiving the money from the customer. We successfully, albeit sometimes painful, found a way to navigate through all of these challenges, and established robust systems and procedures that serve us well to this day.

It turned out to be the best thing for us, our clients, and the hundreds of consultants we have hired over the years, as we were able to provide them with lucrative and exciting opportunities all over the country, with some really cool companies. The Direct Hire business improved, and Contract Services continued to grow fast as well. Then we started offering the model of Contract-For-Hire. This was also a proven success as it gave our customers the ultimate flexibility of onboarding qualified IT talent.

Here we are twenty-plus years later. And what an incredible journey it has been. I have had the privilege of meeting hundreds, if not thousands, of some of the coolest people during this journey. And I’m honored that many of these acquaintances have turned into lifelong friendships. But most importantly, I have also had the honor of helping hundreds of these talented people secure positions with some of the most admired and well-known organizations throughout the country. Many of these fine people have moved into executive positions, and many others were provided the financial opportunity to eventually retire. Talk about job satisfaction!!! Like any industry or profession, there are many, many challenges in this business, but at the end of the day, what else can be more fulfilling than helping hundreds of people achieve their dreams, and helping dozens of organizations solve their “thorniest” problems, while getting paid to do it.

During the past twenty plus years, we also moved our offices from the Chicago suburbs to Cambridge, Wisconsin, in 2003, which is a vibrant, yet quaint community located between Madison and Milwaukee. Our business model and scope of services has evolved dramatically over the years as well. We have expanded our service model from exclusively supporting the Unisys platform to a variety of emerging technologies and other areas of technical expertise. A full scope of our areas of practice and recruiting expertise can be found on the “Staffing Services” tab on this site.

Although we have grown over the years, our core values of treating our customers, employees and candidates with the utmost respect has not. We have always believed that for us to be successful, we have to ensure that our clients and employees are successful first. And this bedrock principal will never change as long as I am here.

I have been married to my wife, Wendy for nearly thirty years, and she has been my rock during this entire adventure. During the great times as well as the most challenging of times. We have two kids, six grandchildren, and a large extended family. We enjoy boating, spending time with our family and friends, reading, traveling and dining out at our favorite restaurants. I am also an enthusiast in shooting sports, cars, and I enjoy cooking.

In closing, if you are interested in partnering with a smaller IT staffing firm that believes in putting your needs first before our own, while promising to provide you the best IT experts in the industry, or hooking you up with some great career opportunities, please give us a call. I hope I will earn the privilege of meeting you in person, or at least over the phone in the very near future. Thank you for your time!