"I wouldn't change a thing about how you deal with your employees in the field. You (e.serv) have always treated me with respect and honesty (not the norm in the consulting business). It has been greatly appreciated."

Paul Adams, Mainframe Manager

"Guess what I got in the mail for my 16th anniversary with e.serv? A big fat Amazon gift card. These anniversaries creep up on you, and before you know it, Bam! Here comes a box with expensive plastic in it! The gifts just keep on a coming. This is just way too generous, guys. I ain't never quittin'! Thanks!!!"

Thomas Petty, Systems Analyst

"I worked for e.serv as a Senior Systems Consultant based in Des Moines at a client site. Over the duration of my affiliation with the company, I found the management and staff to be the "best in class". On the lone occasion that the company had a payroll issue, I was contacted promptly and informed of the issue and how it was being corrected by the President himself. Since leaving the company (I was hired by the client I previously consulted for), I have used e.serv to fill staffing needs for my employer. On a scale of 1 to 10, I will rate e.serv an 11."

Thomas Laryea, Assistant Vice President

"Rob and the rest of the crew at e.serv have done more than I would ever have expected to help get me the job I wanted at the pay rate I was looking for. They seem genuinely concerned for the well-being of me and my family and are always happy to talk with me. I am very glad to have met them and I cannot express my appreciation enough for the time they have spent with me."

Chuck Holmes, Web Developer

"I wanted to take some time to thank you all at e.serv. You literally changed my life. I had been laid off from an I.T. job after many years of service to the same company. I suddenly found myself in a job market where there were few opportunities in the area and so many qualified candidates competing for those few jobs. I also found out that there were many phony and ineffective recruiting/placement agencies eager to capitalize on my circumstance. I won't go into the details, but they reminded me of a boiler room.

After two months of unemployment, by God's grace, I happened to respond to a job posting sponsored by e.serv technical solutions. From the first contact with their staff, I knew I was in the right hands. Here was a company interested in my well-being, in my needs, and in my success. E.serv took the time to get to know me. You can't overstate the importance of that. Because of that relationship building, they were able to be selective in their search on my behalf.

To make a long story short, I had a good skill set but wasn't able to market those skills in a distinguishing way. E.serv showed me how to do that and then secured a promising interview for me. This interview arrangement was not just based on "hey, it's a job," but instead, "hey, this is a good match for your skills and a good company fit for you and your family."

As it turns out, e.serv had such a good relationship with the company that through e.serv's reputation alone, and their recommendation of me, I was propelled to the top of "the pile" for consideration. It has been over a year now, and I love my new job. I am grateful for the new friends I found at e.serv, and I plan to keep those relationships into the future."

Mark Poffenbaugh, Systems Analyst, Team Lead

"I worked as a consultant for e.serv technical solutions, inc. It was the first time I had done consulting work. I consider myself very fortunate to have chosen Rob to work for. He placed me at a company, was totally honest in every facet of my employment, which I learned was not the norm with all consulting companies. I enjoyed my time working for him. He even gave good references for me to my next full-time employer even though he didn't get anything for it. Like I said he was totally professional, honest and loyal and a very decent guy that I really do consider myself lucky to have met and dealt with."

Frank McAteer, Oracle DBA

"Rob has provided my team with many excellent IT resources. He and his team are able to quickly find people with unique skill sets to custom fit our requirements. I especially appreciate the time Rob takes to understand our needs and his diligence to only provide quality candidates. Rob has always been my favorite resource supplier with no one else as a close second."

Dan Osborne, Senior Business Consultant

"Your consulting services aided me in finding a job right when I needed it, and eventually getting hired by the client, was just the last stage of a successful journey. And, I was able to do it faster than most of the former contractors. I appreciate everything you've done for me. I would not hesitate to use your services again if the need should arise."

Dale Anzalone, Senior Technical Consultant