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8 Hiring Tips

Hiring a developer can be a make or break decision for your business--hiring the wrong one can ruin your project or end up costing you later. What can you do to cut through all the noise and spot the standouts from the stand-ins? Learn how to uncover the secrets of finding a 'superstar' developer.

A Dying Concept?

Has the concept of IT outsourcing outlived its effectiveness? KPMG's Cliff Justice says the process that the term was invented to describe has evolved considerably and finding value in IT service providers is taking on new meaning.

Technical and Functional Talent:

  • Application Developers/Analysts                            
  • Technical Business Analyst
  • QA Testers
  • Web Developers
  • Systems Developers
  • Project Managers
  • iOS and Mobile Application Development
  • DBA’s    
  • Architecture and Design
  • Unisys Mainframe/Clearpath Resources   

Javascript, PHP, C#, COBOL, Java,
J2EE, AJAX, iOS and more...

SQL Server, Oracle, DB2,
Websphere, Access
Since 1999 e.serv has been an IT Professional Services Firm that has earned the privilege of helping the country's most prestigious companies and government agencies achieve their technical objectives by providing best-in-class IT resources to assist organizations implement all phases of the software development cycle.

In addition to our staff possessing the essential technical expertise, they possess superior communication and interpersonal skills, ensuring they quickly assimilate into your environment with minimal supervision or direction.

e.serv is committed to helping progressive organizations attract and retain the best IT talent in the industry; either on a contract, contract-to-hire or direct placement basis.


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